Hi Folks,
I found my copy of
Version 2.1
Copyright 1990, 91, 93 by Richard L. De Steno
20 Meadowbrook Road
Short Hills, New Jersey  07078
Phone:  201-379-7471
Copying of this program is prohibited except
for the personal use of the purchaser!
by Richard L. De Steno
    Destination Mars is a game that presents you with the challenge
successfully travelling from Earth to Mars.  You must avoid such
dangers as
excessive damage to your ship, running out of fuel, being vaporized
by space
aliens, crashing your ship, and others.
    You begin the game by placing the game diskette in your default
drive and
entering the word MARS.  After the opening announcement, you will be
asked if
you want sound effects.  Simply press the letter Y if you do want
sound effects
or the letter N if you would rather play the game without sound
effects.  Do
not press the ENTER key at any time in the game after making a
choice that asks
for a letter.  However, number entries do require a press of the
ENTER key.
Next, you are instructed to press the letter B to blast off.  If you
blast off
successfully, you will begin the thirty five million mile trip to
You travel by spinning the cosmic wheel, which is done by pressing
ENTER key.  This produces a number from 1 to 10.  Your ship then
travels two
hundred thousand miles times this number.  For example, if you spin
a 6,
travel one million, two hundred thousand miles toward Mars on that
spin of the
wheel.  Press S at the cosmic wheel prompt to toggle sound on and off.
    Each spin of the cosmic wheel presents you with a situation.
Most of the
situations require you to make a choice.  You will be prompted in
such cases
to press A - B - E - F - R - N or H.  These options mean the
         A is for accelerating -
         B is to use your force field barrier -
         E is for taking evasive action -
         F is for firing your phasers -
         R is for making repairs -
         N is for taking no action.
         H is to get help if you forget these definitions.
    You may exit the game whenever you are directed to spin the
cosmic wheel,
simply press the ESCAPE key or CTRL-C.  You may also exit at any of
preliminary prompts at the beginning of the program.
Most of the prompts in the game are self-explanatory and need no
elaboration.  There are numerous ways that you may be prevented from
reaching Mars.  You undoubtedly will experience them as you attempt
to reach
your destination.  There are some surprises in store for you in this
Note that you use ten units of fuel with each spin of the cosmic
Also, keep in mind that each instance of damage to your ship must be
    If you go too fast, you may enter a time warp.  Here is a hint:
astute player will escape the time warp on the first attempt.
    You may freeze the game at the prompt to spin the cosmic wheel by
pressing F and entering a file name.  To resume the frozen game, enter
the file name with MARS, like this:  "MARS FILENAME".

There are other programs available from Richard De Steno.  Check the
README.DOC file provided with this program, or contact him for info
Richard De Steno, 20 Meadowbrook Road, Short Hills, NJ  07078.
Phone:  201-379-7471.
         HAVE FUN! -- August 1991

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