Warning: something of a S P O I L E R! S P O I L E R!  Read at your own
risk, this text direct to you from the heart of the Fukushima reactor, etc,

So beating the fish and turtles thing is a bit of a slog, but there's a
consistent setup I use that gets me to the tricky part.  Buy two, and only
two fish.  Monitor their numbers *very* carefully.  When they reach 7, sell
the extra 5 to get back down to 2.  (You may find a time where you have 8
because of happy, reproductive fish, sell 6).  You need to do this in order
to make sufficient money to get your first turtle.  Keep cycling through
until you have your $160,000.

Buy 1 and only 1 turtle.  Now your fish balancing gets slightly trickier.  I
found that keeping 4 fish as the minimum to sell down to seemed to work
pretty well.  When you have 9 or 10 fish, sell down to four.  Keep bringing
in that advertising and sales money until you are ready for your second

Now here's the art, and where my instructions get a little fuzzy.  When
you're about to buy your second turtle, you have to begin letting the fish
population grow a little more.  I think 13 to 15 was the number I chose for
the minimum, so let it grow to 18-20 and sell down.  The tricky part is that
in this region, reproduction isn't predictably one at a time, so you will
have to catch it quickly.  Too few and the turtles eat them.  Too many, and
you have a population explosion and subsequent crash, and with 2 turtles,
that crash might be fatal to your fish.
If you screw up and have an explosion with less than 2 turtles, you'll be
fine, ride it out until the numbers crash back down into the low teens then
start over.  Your biggest enemy is power loss and being unable to sell, so
monitor your power consumption carefully.

I'm not seeing a huge effect of bug numbers on the fish cycle.  I think a
large bug reproduction simply lengthens the cycle.  I haven't tried
balancing fish with only algae though so that effect may be more significant
than I think.

Note, this same strategy will work in a modified form for the later parts of
mission 6, though there, you're working with land animals, and mice are more
forgiving than fish.

I'm currently stuck on the part of mission 7 with the added loan.  That
quarter million every 120 ticks is brutal.  I've also had a hell of a time
keeping squirrels alive if there's anything else in the dome.  For fun, I
started rabbits and squirrels to see if I could get a sustainable population
before introducing mice.  The mice are too efficient acorn eaters to allow
the squirrels to live in any of my domes so far.  I did get a stable rabbit
population to coexist with maximized mice, but it hovered around 5-10
rabbits after the die-off that came with the mouse explosion.

Can you tell I've been thinking a lot about this game?  Well done Jeremy,
and I'm excited to see what comes next.

        Chris Bartlett

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