Version 1.9b is released.  I'm still not done with custom games, I know, I 
know, why is it taking me so long?!  Well, the custom game code was done just 
enough to include 1 sample map, even though this does not truly reflect what I 
want to do with the custom games.  For now, it'll do.

I've added artwork for any sighted Lunimals players.  They aren't award winning 
graphics, lol, but they are enough that young kids should be able to tell 
what's going on even if they can't read.  The Control button stops the message 
that is currently being spoken, I've fixed several bugs, and I put something in 
the information section about my website.  The read me file has been updated a 
bit too.  I think that's it, boy it feels like I've done so much more than that 
short sentence of changes!  I guess that's how it goes though.

Ever since Daytona was released, I've had different people telling me I should 
set up a web page, and that the web page should have a donation button.  Even 
though my games are free, apparently some people want to be able to donate and 
help support my work.  I can't stress this enough, do not feel obligated to 
donate anything to me people.  Of course, donations would rock, and I would 
appreciate it, but I make my software free because I am just looking to 
contribute to the community in my own way.  With that said, I have finally set 
up a web page to house my audio games, and there is a donation button at the 
bottom for anyone who wants to use it.

I also wanted to say that I've deleted all of the old emails where people asked 
me to set up a donation button, so even if you actually told me you were going 
to donate, you can change your mind and I won't even know that you did.  Haha.

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