Hi Dark,

Hahaha. Yeah, I agree. I'm not an extremely violent person in real
life, but give me a game like Shades of Doom and my opinion is "if it
is still breathing kill it." However, that attitude/opinion doesn't
extend into my day to day real life. Just my in-game attitude.

As to the monkey killing aspect I agree. There are a number of games
were monkies are sometimes villains. In Tomb Raider, can't remember
which one, I had no issues blowing them away when they got in my way.
If it was a bad guy, AKA bad monkey, consider it a dead monkey in this
case. However, obviously its a game. I wouldn't harm a real live
monkey as I love nature, animals, and life in general.


On 5/19/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Phil
> Personally i'm afraid i disagree. Monkey killing in context of games is a
> tradition that goes back to donkey kong on the nes.
> Mega man 2 had robotic monkies, Micky Mouse' castle of illusion on the Mega
> drive had evil monkies, general evilness of monkies is pretty well
> established in games.
> Actually in Tarzan junior the sfx used for the monkies I thought were
> particularly nasty, sinse they didn't sound cute, but as if they were about
> to kill you, ---- which they would do in a most unpleasant manner if you
> didn't get rid of them first.
> I'm afraid to people who object to thing x happening in a game, my reply
> is, ---- it's just a game!
> while politically I'm pretty opposed to war generally speaking, stick me
> behind the controls of a tank or a gun in a game like judgement day or Tank
> commander and I'll gladly turn into a psycho killing machine, mowing down as
> many enemies as I can!
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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