Hi Ron,

Agreed. There are a number of classic 2d platformers that haven't been
explored before. As for Asteroids that is definitely something on my
todo list. Although, my Asteroids version will be a bit more advanced
than the original.

One reason I say that is now that I have a fully qualified 3d game
engine Asteroids is exactly the kind of game that could put it to use.
Outerspace, like everything else, is 3d, and since there are no mazes
etc it should be fairly easy enough to get to grips of flying a
spacecraft around in a 3d environment. Of course, there will be
massive Asteroids floating around you will have to avoid hitting and
the ocational UFO trying to blow you out of space. However, the game
will be more or less like a space flying simulation than the classic
arcade game. At least, that is the plan.


On 5/23/11, Ron Schamerhorn <blindwon...@cogeco.ca> wrote:
> Well I'd like to say that I think even though it's older, the side scroller
> has loads the VI can do with it yet.  A couple of the old games would be and
> I hope I'm not wrong here would be say Joust, Donkey Kong, QBert,
> Mousetrap, Asteroids, [Unfortunately that was happening but the dev died
> out.  Anyone able to contact him?] and many many more
>   I'm not trying to say we shouldn't do our best to keep up, but there's so
> much that the blind community hasn't seen before in an accessible format.
> Who cares if it is a fun game from say 15 years ago.
>   Myself my time was before the NES.  In fact the last ones I can honestly
> say I saw were from the Colecovision.  Awesome graphics for the time.
>   I think any and all devs are great for taking the time to take the time
> and contribute the best job they can.
> Take care
> Ron

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