Hey guys, earlier this week I started working on a little game idea that popped 
in to my head at work.  To clarify, this is Not! the game I've been developing 
with Locutus that will be using head tracking technology.  As you all know by 
now, I can't keep myself from branching out into other ideas, so I present to 
you, yet another side project.  Temporal.

The current status of the game is pretty rough.  I don't even have any sounds 
in it, except for screen reader dialog.  The reason I'm posting this game so 
early, is because I need to get people's reactions to the game's concept.  As 
far as I know, no other audio games work like this one, so I don't want to 
invest too much time into it until I know people don't hate it, haha!

In Temporal, you awaken in a government facility deep underground.  You don't 
know how long they have been studying you, but you have been kept in a drug 
induced, unconscious state, to prevent you from escaping.  Through some type of 
mistake, you have awaken.  Keeping you unconscious was this facility's first 
line of defense against the most powerful human ever to walk the earth.  you.  
Using your powers, to jump forward and backward through time, you must escape 
the lab they have been keeping you in.  This game requires you to keep careful 
track of what you have already done, as well as planning ahead for what you 
intend to still do.  Traveling through time means you will share the 
environment with all other instances of yourself who were present at that time. 
 Confusing?  If you jump back in time, you may run through a room where a past 
version of yourself is busy attacking the guards.  When you hold open a door 
now, later you will travel back in time
 to this point in order to run through it!  With everything going on, you must 
always be careful not to run into any past versions of yourself, or you will 
destroy the continuity of events and lose the game.

I only have 1 mission done, but it should be enough to give you all a good idea 
of how the game is played.  Please let me know your thoughts.

www.kaldobsky.com/audiogames/temporal.zip  (v0.5b)

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