The subject line pretty much says it all. FOr the record I don't personally 
subscribe to that belief and, for the moment at least there only appear to be a 
few people who actually do. But since Airik didn't come out in May like Jacob 
said it might, those few people have been making their voices heard over on the forum, expressing the belief that the whole thing is a scam and 
this smug satisfaction, which I quite frankly find highly offensive, that they 
didn't preorder the game and therefore can laugh at those who did if, by 
chance, they turned out to be right. Well Jacob posted on the forum this 
morning with a list of additional features that would be in the full game and 
an admonishment to people to take differing time zones into consideration when 
awaiting their web links to the full version of the game. And apparently people 
are checking their Email every five seconds. I'm not quite that bad but almost. 
LOL. All I can say for sure is that if there isn't a major update soon the scam 
mentality is going to start to really take hold, which of course won't be good 
for Jacob if he wants to establish himself in this community. I will of course 
eat a few pairs of shorts if, after sending this, I hapen to check my own Email 
and find my link to the full game.
We are the Knights who saaaaay...Ni!
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