Hi Dark,

Yeah, that scam was a classic. It was also discovered pretty quickly
and the problem dealt with. The thing is that a real scam would be a
one time affair  as this community is of the opinion once bitten twice
shy. So whoever  actually tries to scam the community better get as
much money as he or she can, because they'll never get a second chance
to do it again. Anyone who has been around long enough knows that.

Bavisoft and Alchemy have left a bad impression on a lot of people,
and its a lot harder to get people to trust your intentions. Just look
at that message from yesterday where I got blasted for trying to
research various cross-platform technologies to bridge the gap between
Linux gaming and Windows gaming. I think most people realise I'm not
scamming them, but I think a lot of people doubt I'll ever get around
to releasing MOTA because of too much time spent on research rather
than development. Even though in actuality MOTA is nearing 1.0, and is
a lot closer to final release than  people give me credit for.
However, the only way to earn back their trust will be to release the
game, and maybe they'll not quite be so negative towards my future


On 6/13/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi tom.
> I've also been in private communication with him as well, and he seems like
> a very decent chap indeed.
> Myself I can only ever think of one actual scam which has ever been
> perpetrated on behalf oof accessible games, and that was that loopy kid who
> modded superliam and claimed it was his game creation.
> Really the accessible games community doesn't have enough money involved to
> make a scam worth while, and the contact betwene developers and players as
> with most indi devs would make something like that very difficult.
> i Always feel the people who cry scam! scam! whenever things aren't to their
> satisfaction are a litle paranoid.
> Me on the other hand, I'm not the least paranoid I know! everyone is out to
> get me, ;D.
> Beware the grue!
> DArk.

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