Well I have not pre ordered the game, and I wasn't around for any of the past 
trouble makers, so I have remained completely quiet on this topic.  I don't 
want to try guessing whether it is, or is not, a scam.

I just wanted to comment on the idea that $1000 or $2000 isn't enough of an 
incentive to scam the community.  Please remember, this is only theoretical, 
and I am not trying to link this to any of this Airik the Cleric business!

If the guy is sighted, people are correct who have noted, he probably wouldn't 
have realized how small it is.  I, myself, am sighted and I imagined the 
community here was much larger when I first showed up.  I'm the first to admit 
I'm poor, and man, a thousand dollars is a huge incentive to do something, 
though stealing that from people is not how I would want to obtain it.  Yes 
people have bills, and car insurance, and so forth, but a person running a scam 
would be making this money on the side.  There would be no reason to believe 
the guy actually had to support himself on profits from a scam, he presumably 
has a day job that does that.  

Yes, to some it seems like releasing a demo, and bug fixes, proves this is not 
a scam, but I believe when we theorize about what a real scammer would do, it 
seems logical.  I know how I would have done it, if I had a different sense of 
morality, and I certainly would have released a demo to "prove" to people 
something was coming.  So you take an afternoon, or a day, and you punch out 
some type of game demo.  That's really quite simple to do, and you can then 
write about all of the amazing things the game will have.  I wouldn't have to 
cover the cost of sound libraries, since I could just steal them from other 
sources.  If someone is scamming the community, why would they feel the need to 
pay for sounds?

I think the low pre order price is another thing that actually makes sense.  
It's all about balance, of course.  Since this would all be "free" money to the 
scammer, this is not the time to be greedy.  Offering a lower price means more 
people will be willing to pay in advance.  This is also the reason I, if I put 
myself into the mindset of a scammer, would push back the release date several 
times.  The longer things delay, the more people will wander in and pre order.  
Even with all of this Airik debating, I'm sure some people have still placed 
orders after the first release dates came and past.  In the end, the scam 
artist, using a fake name, could invest little more than a few days work to 
pull off the scam.  Now I'm sure a sighted stranger would have expected 3 or 4 
times as many pre orders, but as I've said, a thousand dollars is still more 
than enough money to make it worth it.

Boy, when I got near the end of what I wanted to say, I felt like I had just 
written a "how to scam the audio games community" manual!  Sorry if that's what 
it sounds like, and it wasn't my original intention.  I suppose the lesson to 
take away from all this, is that you should probably trust a developer before 
you're willing to hand them money early.  I also want to end this by, again, 
reminding everyone I am not trying to say anything about the current Airik the 
Cleric situation.  I don't feel it would be fair for me to guess on that, 
either way.

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