Hi Trouble,

Very true. However, probably the best way to handle this is A, release
a version for Windows, B, settle up the various preorders with the
early customers of the game, and C, then spend time working on a
cross-platform version. That way I am working on the cross-platform
port on my free time, and not dragging the release up that people paid
for on research, experimentation, testing, and development. I'm pretty
sure there is a sutable cross-platform solution here, but I just don't
have the time to find it yet.

For instance, SDL Mixer has decent panning, and that would resolve the
complaints people have regarding the way sounds are panned.
Unfortunately, on the down side it doesn't offer pitch changes, as
well as a number of DSP effects like a low pass filter, etc. So while
it resolves one problem it introduces others in the process.

Another solution worth considering, and I actually looked at one time,
is building the Genesis Engine in Java. Since the Java JDK is
completely cross-platform creating games that run on Mac, Linux, and
Windows definitely isn't a big deal. Java developers do it all the
time. The primary reason I didn't do that a year or two ago is the
builtin Java Sound API supports panning, pitch changes, master volume,
etc but doesn't have 3d audio. For that I'd have to use the Joal
wrapper for OpenAL so decided against it. In hindsight that might have
been the better way to go since the test apps I wrote in Java panned
just as well as DirectX, and this issue of trying to find a C++library
that sounds like DirectSound could have been avoided from the start,
and saved myself a lot of work in the bargon as well.

My point being is that whatever that solution is I need to first get
MOTA 1.0 out the door, settle my accounts, and then I can  look at all
my options and maybe find something I can settle on that does exactly
what I want/need it to do.


On 6/13/11, Trouble <troub...@columbus.rr.com> wrote:
> Just remember that it might sound fair. but, when it comes to doing
> it your right back to hard work and time.
> You do have a few things going for you. There is a playable demo and
> you do keep sending out updates.

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