Hello Everyone,

As some of you are now aware the USA Games website is currently down
do to technical problems. Last week our webhost, Skynet
Communications, subcontracted with another company, Dreamhost, who
took over the USA Games webhosting service, for Skynet. As a result
last weekend our account including files, lists, etc were moved over
to one of the new Dreamhost servers. Unfortunately, yesterday there
seems to have been some kind of mix up regarding our account with them
and they deleted the USA Games account from their server by mistake.
As we had just moved to them last week Dreamhost does not have a
backup of the USA Games account, and after the transfer was completed
Skynet no longer has a current backup of the USA Games account either.
This has resulted in the complete and total loss of the USA Games
website, mailing lists, games, and everything else to do with the USA
Games website on their end. Skynet is willing to settle for financial
and punitive damages to USA Games Interactive, and are working with us
to get the site back up and running as soon as possible.

As matters currently stand Skynet has located an older backup of our
website from December which they are willing to use to restore the
account to working order. At this time they are restoring that backup,
moving our account back to one of their primary servers, and they
expect to have the account up and running by Friday morning Eastern
Standard Time. Once we know the account is setup and working using
their backups I will manually reset and reinstall the account using
local backups prior to the move which should get the website, lists,
etc backup and running with a more or less current version of the
website. We are fortunate that we do have these local backups for this
sort of emergency so the crisis isn't is bad as it could have been.
However, since all of this will take considerable time and effort we
don't expect to be back up and online officially until Monday
earliest. So we would appreciate it if you guys stay clear of the
website until we make an official announcement that things are in
working order once again.


We would also appreciate it if you would share this news with others
who you know who are not on the Audyssey mailing list and let them
know what is happening.

Thomas Ward
President of USA Games Interactive

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