Hi Tom.

well as someone who was playing double dragon advanced earlier today, the very cool gba remake of theold classic relased I think roughly six years ago, and! as someon who has games which are up to 25 years old I agree.

Another thing that's totally missed, is the amount of old games stil supported by consoles. i know lots of people who have a bunch of snes, mega drive and nes titles through the Wii ware service, precisely because they want the old games but don't have the hardware anymore.

This sort of thing isn't legally (or particularly efficiently), available on pc.

finally, relating to your economy point, an interesting point is that new console developement seems to have just about stoppd.

The nintendo 64 was released I believe in 1996, then followed the gamecube in 2001 and the wii in 2006.

However, we here nothing about a new nintendo console, simply because the wii is stil going.

Ditto with the playstation, and while the xbox, havng later releases than the others hasn't been out as long, I stil don't here plans for another machine. Given the combination of the economic situation, and the fact that the Wii and playstation 3 are certainly more versitile in what they can do as compared to earlier machines, eg online competition, unique control methods, net brousing, looking up information like weather etc, I doubt we'll see another console release for at least some time, ----- which is pretty good news for anyone who's invested in the current consoles.

Myself though, I'll be sticking with my snes, mega drive and gameboy advanced aka gamecube, in fact the only way I could see myself buying a new machine is if the wii menues ecome useable so that I can play wiiware games like mega man 9 or 10, ---- or if a decent alternative comes up similar to the gba player for psp or 3ds.

As it is though, both preference and access mean I'll be sticking to my old machines for the near future.

Beware the grue!


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