Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

Version 1.0b is posted!  I'm running out of time before I head to work, so I 
really won't be around in the event that someone experiences an error.  Let me 
quickly run you through the basics of it.  Start a game where you've turned 
Multiplayer co op on.  Within 60 seconds you will link up with other people who 
are playing.  If someone else is playing, you will see a message that they 
washed up on your shore!  This player is now an extra person able to help out 
in your settlement, but you are not allowed to change his, or her, job.

You will have other people to help in your city, and they will have a version 
of you in theirs.  This is a very loosely based multiplayer, but it's the 
foundation for future features.  As you know, you begin with a person that has 
your specific name.  Obviously this person represents you, and this is your 
link to other players in multiplayer.  When you change your job, it will change 
for other players in their cities.  Try to be something useful, so that other 
people are happy to have you, and not upset that you're doing some job they 
don't need.

Press ? if you want to chat, but PLEASE! keep in mind that this isn't meant for 
the stress of a chat room right now.  Chat a little, of course, but don't start 
spamming stuff.  I would also encourage you to stick to role playing.  If your 
character is a rough lumberjack, other players will have far more fun if you 
speak as if you are.  Asking questions about the game, or general off topic 
chat, will probably take some fun out of the experience for others, so please 
keep that to a minimum.

You can still save your game, and any game saved in multiplayer can be loaded 
again later.  You don't even have to be playing on the same difficulty level, 
so use the extra people to help you succeed , when you might otherwise fail.  
Have fun, and I will be anxiously looking forward to being done with work, so I 
can come back and play a game with some of you all!  Yay!

If you experience errors, it will be due to files not being registered 
correctly.  This would be the same idea as the people who have to register 
direct X7.  As I've already said, I can't do anything to help you right now 
because I'm heading to work.

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