It seems you understand why I handled co op multiplayer, the way I did.  By 
keeping everyone separate, and only sharing a representative character, it 
allows you to keep your own strategy and move at your own pace.  Obviously 
people run the game at different speeds, and pause whenever they wish, so 
traditional multiplayer is almost out of the question.

I still have adjustments to make, of course, but for the moment things seem 
pretty stable with the multiplayer.  When I got home from work I noticed 4 
people were playing.  Dark, if you got pregnant, the other players should 
receive a new child from it!  This actually brings up that odd hermaphrodite 
perk.  I knew that people LOVE! me SO! MUCH! that even the males would want 
some way to have my babies.  ROFL!  Just kidding, but I couldn't resist writing 
that!  :D

If a player is a job you can't use, then they are simply useless to you.  Odds 
are pretty slim of them being totally useless though, since they would still 
revert to a step lower on their chain.  It would almost always become useful 

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