Hi hatred and all,

Many years ago back in 99, I started playing x beyond the frontier. In my
opinion 1 of the best space games ever invented. It goes along side elite
for sure. But back then it didn't hold much interest with the wider
community. The advantage of that is that the forums were great fun! The game
is single player, but on the forums we had roleplaying guilds, pretend guild
wars, we even had a convention to celebrate just how great the game was and
the community as a whole.

Well as the series progressed, first x-tention, then x2 the threat, the
community really started to get far far bigger and that's when the problems
really started. The fun of being on the boards became not so fun and quite
quickly. Not so much because of hackers and the like, but because there were
plenty of trolls on there. moderators who would previously join in with the
mucking around became more like police. The nice little family we had was
destroyed basically because the community as a whole just wasn't ready. It
went from being 1 thing to the exact opposite. I don't go on those forums
anymore even though the x series of games has continued on. A lot of very
well respected forum members who contributed in loads of ways whether it was
creative writing or various forms of animation, most notably stories like
the rogue's testament trilogy an the traders tale series of stories. Even if
you have never played the games before you could well enjoy these stories. 

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that when it comes to this
community, there is a very different mind-set overall between here and lets
say the wider gaming world. I want to see the 2 types of games merge that's
for sure, but I will echo hatred's word of caution here. for example, the
vast majority of gaming forums aren't mailing lists. They are web based
forums. You could never have a board with several thousand members or
several tens of thousands of members on an email list it would create to
much traffic. The blind community would be forced to adapt, which I think it
should personally. But that is the least of anybody's concern being very

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