You make a great point. The biggest company can fall to such an attack. Take Sony for instance. it was hacked about a month ago, and it's still recovering. as of this writing, the log-in pages are still under maintanence. This wasn't a simple attack either. All users with PSN accounts were victimized. our info was stolen, and not even Sony knows how bad it really was. to make things even worse, many users use the same passwords on many different services. so their entire identity could've been compromized. We're talking here of a playerbase of millions. Imagine millions of creditcards in the hands of a hacker or group of hackers? Every single PSN user with a credit card was offered a free year of All Clear ID Plus free of charge. Sony's reputation is now being questioned by many, including congress. But what people don't realize is that any company can fall to such an attack. Happened to Nintendo a few weeks ago, although not much damage was done. And if these cyber terrorissts want to go after Microsoft as well, not many can stop them. I know I probably come across as paranoid, but be careful with your info guys. Even banks, and the FBI have been hacked in the past. Nothing's safe when it comes to online threats. best we can do is to be on top of things, and use different passwords for all our accounts. Just last night for example, netflix went down. everyone kept getting a cannot display webpage error. we still don't know what's going on. Since netflix essentially increased prices about a week ago, everyone thinks it was a rebellious attack by anonymous or some other vigelanty group. All I know is they'd better compensate paying customers or they'll risk losing many of us. Blockbuster's already made their move to sway us lol. I got a 1 month free trial, 2 discs at a time activated this morning haha. They fight, we save. sounds good to me!

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