Totally agree with you. Even simple games should have some type of multiplayer feature. in fact. Uno on the PS3 has multiplayer. when a game doesn't have this people get furious and many refuse to buy it. so multiplayer nowadays is a rule, and games that don't have it are the exception. devs that don't include such features usually end up paying for it in the pocketbook, where it hurts. in fact, multiplayer is a business within itself. nowadays there's this new trend which is annoying lots of people. most companies are implementing what they call online passes. if you buy games used, you must pay a one-time fee, usually around $10, to access multiplayer content. if you buy new, a code to redeem such features is included free of charge. for blind mainstream gamers, such practices are quite annoying, but I can see why companies implement these measures. running these servers, which often contain thousands of people playing on them simultaneously can't be cheap. I always buy new, mainly cause I can't trust that someone didn't stomp all over the used disc I'm buying, so this doesn't phase me at all.

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