Hi Dark,

Dark said:

However I do wonder, if the situation were this dire, why people
bother creating new multiplayer games at all?

My reply:

Its not really that difficult to figure out. In short, it is just one
of those hazards of doing business, and every developer understands
sooner or later to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. If we
developers gave up developing software simply because we know people
will pirate it, attack our web servers, intentionally screw up a
multiplayer game, etc then everyone both good and bad would suffer for
the actions of a handful of antisocial individuals who are doing the
damage for kicks.

To put it another way look at it like this. Suppose every game
developer out there decided one day to no longer offer any kind of
multiplayer games to punish those folks who constantly go around
attacking sites that offer them. Sure, they'd punish the miserable
creeps who were doing the damage, but how many thousands, perhaps
millions, of people who did nothing wrong have to suffer the same
consequences too?

The other issue is simply financial. Right now multiplayer gaming is a
huge boom for game developers. If the game companies simply got rid of
multiplayer gaming altogether to help protect themselves from the
online creeps that would be the equal of killing the goose who laid
the golden egg. They would take a huge financial hit if they are
depending on multiplayer and online gaming for a large source of their
income. Quite frankly its not something commercial companies could
afford if they wish to stay in business.

Part of the reason for that is once a new technology is released into
the general public the company can't go back and expect people to do
without it. For instance, back in the 1980's we were all satisfied
with games like Packman, Space Invaders, and Astroids that all had
simple graphics and animation. They had no network play, simple sound
effects, and looked pretty cheasy compared to todays standards.
Believe it or not people paid $40 for some of those games when they
were brand new. Now days, if you want to sell a game for $40 to the
general public it better have 3d graphics, realistic sound, good
music, and probably will have some form of multiplayer capability
since the XBox 360 and so on support it. Activision, Nintendo,  and
the other game companies  that got their big start in the 80's could
never totally go back to selling games on par with the games from the
80's not with the features something like the Play Station III and
XBox 360 offer currently. Even retro remakes of games tend to have
features like better graphics, animation, sounds, music, and/or
multiplayer modes that were not present in the originals.


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