Hi Tom.

I'm afraid I personally disagree with ben on this, I'm quite happy with the lw parza and indeed would create missions myself if I were better at the game.

The 92 extra missions people like Raul have made (and I believe there are probably more), show that the system is workable at least for some people.

Where however the lw parza falls down is in the one area David always seems to be lacking, namely in documentation. The manual is not the most accessible or easy to follow document I've seen.

Thus my personal thought would be to create a flexible mission creation language with some nods in the direction of script commands, similar to the lw parza, but then create some very supportative docs for it that takes the user through more and more complex steps one at a time.

for instance, beginning by creating an example mission where you must simply go and destroy a single enemy ship, then adding the objective to have enemy reinforcements arrive at x time, then adding a friendly ship on your side, then adding some obstacles like asteroid fields, then some extra unique effects or weapons etc.

i personally would love to see the end user able to create complex missions with something like the lw mission parza, but in deference to people who know litle about C++ syntax, using memory or the like give it a reasonable document and tutorial system, ---- this is something I would also be willing to help with myself too.

Beware the Grue!


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