this is why the first lotr film is my favourite. While it has it's problems, it's all in all closest to Tolkien.

many of the changes in the films simply do not make sense, for instance when the entire point of attempting to destroy the ring in the first place, is that Sauron himself would never considder that option, hence why such a big deal is made of the battles so as to effectively keep the Dark Lord's attention away from his own boarders, we then in the 2nd film have Frodo and sam dragged off to isgiliath by Faramir (a very different character from Faramir in the book), and the ring is revealed to a nasgul.

the idea that Sauron would ignore the fact that the one thing he needs to conquer the entire world is suddenly found on the boarders of his land, in fact not even a days' journey from Minas Morgul where he has a huge army under the command of his right hand wraith is really quite insane!

for some great articals on changes, as well as some interesting facts on history see the movy guides at

I'm a big fan of the encyclopedia of Arda generally, but what they've done with respect to the films is very nice indeed.

Btw and if you can, i'd advise anyone to listen to the bbc radio adaptation.

Sadly tolkien himself died three years before it was made in 1976, but if you want an adaptation that stays true to the book while having some great acting that is the deffinative one for me.

yes, it misses certain sections like tom bombadil, but all the important stuff is most distinctly there.

oh, and the music Steven oliver composed is fantastic as well.

Beware the grue!


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