Back to my obsession about Castaways.  I'd like to see the addition of job
specialties in one of two ways.


Way 1.  After a certain number of ticks in a job, a person becomes a
journeyman at that job.  They perform it better or faster, but perform other
in their chain with less proficiency and unrelated jobs less well.  After a
certain number of ticks as a journeyman, they are promoted to master, even
better at the job and related jobs, but now permanently locked into that job
like knights.  A character could only become a journeyman in one thing at a
time, if a second job reaches that status, it becomes the journeyman job and
the character loses the first job proficiency.  Obviously this doesn't apply
to masters.


Way 2: more choice.  After a given number of ticks in a job, the player is
given the option of promoting, to journeyman, than master, with the same
effects as way 1, but it isn't mandatory.


Note: it might be possible to create a Jack or Jane of all trades by a
similar mechanism, if a character occupies several different jobs for a
sufficient time, they get a promotion and receive a small benefit in job
performance no matter what they do.


Note 2: this will continue the discrimination against pregnant women.


I like this idea because it adds another layer of decision-making; do I want
a crew of generalists, or do I create some specialists in particular fields.
There's more variation possible, hence more replay value.


                Chris Bartlett


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