for the bird, you need to be ducking, ie, holding down the shift key. you can actually duck and run at the same time which helps.

for the barrels, one thing I noticed is that Jim was very! precise on when you jump. you get litle chance for error, and even when running and jumping (which gives you more air time), you really! need to be close to the barrel, ie, it's sound needs to be only just left of center.

if you jump even a litle too early, your in deep trouble.

I'm not sure about multiple lives, sinse I've not finished level 1 and the only occasion i could see multiple lives be useful is if the game doesn't save to the level (though i presume it does).

However one feature I'd love to see in the game is some sort of indicator as to when your chainsaw is about to run out.

I've lost several times when i'm charging along and suddenly booof! out goes my saw and I'm too close to a barrel to stop, indeed the only way I've found of doing the saw is by counting the number of barrels it hits, and this isn't that efficient sinse it can be anywhere betwene 7 and 9.

Some sort of beeping when the saw is a few seconds from dying out so that you could get in position to jump the next barrel instead of sawing through it would be much appreciated and make things imho less unfair when using the saw.

Other than that, i'm liking the game so far, even if I stil! haven't finished the first level despite jumping 22 barrels and destroying 7 more.

Beware the grue!


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