Kelvin, Congratulations on beating mission 1!  I say mission 1, instead of the 
game, because there is now a mission 2 that has been recently added, with the 
release of version 1.3b.

I've had a few people suggest that the priority of taking flour to the bakery 
should be raised, so that will be changed in the next version.  The only 
reason, that I can think of, that your population stopped at 20, is that you 
only have 5 houses.  Each house supports 4 people, and your people will only 
get pregnant if there is available room in a house.  If you only had 5 houses, 
the answer would be to build a few more.

Hopefully you will download, and try, the new version so that you can try your 
luck at mission 2!  :D

> hi there. i've just successfully
> completed the game. towards the end, when i 
> need to stock up on food items on the ship, i realise that
> the production of 
> food can never cope, simply because the peasants are
> prioritising on 
> stalking up the ship with food and and there is not enough
> man power for 
> other stuffs like transporting stuffs from place to place.
> i guess this is 
> meant to be, so i closed down the ship for a while and
> desinated more bakers 
> to bake as bread was a little low and the mill already has
> 5 weat wating and 
> i have got more than 80 flour. but somehow, the peasants
> are not wanting to 
> transport the flour to the bakery, even the bakers are
> helping with the 
> stalking up of the tavern, and grinding weat into flour.
> only when i shut 
> down all farms, then did the peasants started to deposit
> flour to the 
> bakery. luckily i was high on vegetables at that time and
> so i managed to 
> survived thought many were on the edge of starvation. oh i
> forgot to add, 
> they are all vegetarians!!! hahaha. so i'm not sure if the
> priorities of 
> peasants should be tweeked a little more towards moving
> flour to bakery 
> having more priority over making more flour because i have
> already have 
> loads of them. maybe there is a way to let the peasants
> know once i reach a 
> certain number of flour, they should stop producing more
> flour for the 
> moment and try to find some other important stuffs to do?
> oh and guess what! 
> i completed the game with only 20 population! because
> somehow, the females 
> stopped getting pregnant after population reached 20 i'm
> not sure why this 
> is happening as my fault is vegetarians. i've saved and
> reloaded save game 
> quite a number of times, so not sure if it has somehow
> messed up the saved 
> game data somewhat?
> overall, i really think this is a really fantastic game and
> i'm looking 
> forward to more multi player options and capabilities. keep
> up the good work 
> man!!!

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