I know that not many people watched the match I posted up from evo. But for those of you who did watch it... there's a couple things I'd like to point out. If you can watch it again and see if you can pick it up. Notice how Daigo seems to be going nuts with Yun, the character he's playing... and just wailing on Akuma over and over again. If you watch and observe, you'll notice that he pauses just long enough to give Tokido, his opponent, something to work with... but that is what fighting gamers call mindgames and baiting. The pauses were to do with spacing as well, but mostly what Daigo was doing was getting out of the red zone and seeing what Tokido would do with Akuma. The trick with Yun is, he is only good up close because of his lack of a projectile. He has a move that basically does a diving kick in towards his opponents and that's his method of closing in. Once he's in, the idea is to hit the opponent hard and hit them fast. In this match, you'll notice that once Yun landed a hit, Daigo immediately went into a combo. This is partially due to Yun's nature as a rushdown character but also due to the fact that Akuma has low health and is easily stunned. Yun in the right hands is someone you don't want to mess with... and Daigo Umahara is one of those someones. For those who play SF but don't know who daigo is, he is basically the player who is most well-known in the world for his prowess at the game. He's been playing since SF 2 back in the 90s and is an amazing player. In fact, playing SF is a full-time Job for him... especially in Japan where tournaments are regularly held and regularly have cash as prizes.

Well, there you have it. Some of my own brief comments about the match and a bit of background on daigo... questions, comments are welcome as usual.

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