Jorge, castaways is a strategy game where you build up a settlement and manage 
your population so they don't starve to death or get killed by enemies.  The 
game can be found on this website:
Unlike sound RTS, this game focuses more on macro management instead of micro 
management.  You don't control your individual people, but rather assign tasks 
and your people perform them more like how things work in real life.  In real 
life leader would decide what projects needed to be done, but he wouldn't go up 
to each individual person and command them to do each thing.  It's a different 
way of playing a game than you usually find, so some people will like it, and 
others won't.
Nocturnus created an audio walkthrough that should be very helpful to new 
players.  It is worth taking a listen to.

> Thank you  very much for the
> correction.
> But I actually asked about the game, not the title of the
> game.
> Anyways thank you very much for the detailed information
> that you gave me.
> Cheers,
> Jorge Gonçalves

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