Nice work Kelvin!  I imagine that was a pretty intense, nail biting, few 
minutes at the end of your game.

I've been camping for the past few days, and I imagine it will take me a while 
to respond to all of the audyssey, klango, and posts as well as 
the 118 emails that piled up while I was away.  Haha, hopefully I'll be back in 
the swing of things within the next few days.

> hi jeremy and all! i just completed
> mission 3! enemies were just starting to 
> destroy my first building when my 12th catapault bagan
> construction. i 
> through all my population to become builders before my
> first catappault is 
> destroyed! it was really a struggle! i created only 8
> knights and i think 4 
> cavalry. the knights were starting to die off 1 by 1
> though, and my food 
> resources was already running dangerously low. i think i
> was rather 
> fortunate to complete the mission. not sure if i can
> complete it again. this 
> mission is really the most challenging mission in deed!
> great job man 
> jeremy!

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