The good news is that the walls will not stop your own people.  While not 
specifically mentioned, I'm assuming the walls have gates or doors that your 
own people can open to let your troops travel through.

These descriptions aren't super specific, but here is a general idea about the 
effectiveness of the troop types.

- The soldier has low defense and attack abilities.  Against Goblins he can do 
alright, Against Yetti he will struggle, but against specialty human troops he 
will be at a huge disadvantage.

- The Knight has the greatest armor and generally deals out the most damage on 
the battlefield.  He is about 5 times the attack power of a regular soldier.  
They are somewhat slow on the field though.

- The Ranger is probably about 4 times the attack power of a regular soldier, 
and his armor is about 25% less than that of a soldier.  Rangers are more work 
to create than Knights, but this is because they travel faster and are also 
much more effective against enemy Knights.  Their killing power nearly doubles 
when facing enemy Knights.

- Cavalry are weaker than even Rangers.  They deal about 3 times the damage of 
a regular soldier, but their speed on the field is much faster than anyone 
else.  If memory serves me, they are nearly double the speed of a night so they 
are more efficient soldiers in that regard.  Their specialty is to attack enemy 
Rangers, and their killing power nearly doubles when they face them.

- Pikemen are nearly identical to Rangers in terms of attack power, defense, 
and speed.  The pikemen are a little bit slower and have a little bit more 
armor, but generally they are equal.  The Big difference is that pikemen 
absolutely slaughter enemy Cavalry.  Their killing power tripples when they 
face them.  The perfect counter to pikemen is Knights actually.  Knights double 
their attack power when facing pikemen.

I hope that helps.
I'm also currently aware of a bug with the War tent, and a bug with the leather 
not being produced properly.  I've already fixed the leather bug but I'm trying 
to fix the War tent bug before I post the fix.  Sorry for any convenience on 

> Hi Jeremy.
> I'm glad to see the new update. I will be trying it soon.
> Thanks a lot.
> I have a few questions about the new units:
> Does the walls stop your own units too?
> I have been wondering about the strengths /weaknesses
> between rangers,
> knites and cavalry in general for a while now. How much
> more effective
> is cavalry over nights aside from speed?
> I assume you need weat to feed the horses?
> I look forward to playing.

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