Good question, I can see I didn't do a very good job of explaining that.  When 
I spoke of each unit's strength and defense, that was a general summary of the 
unit which applies to it most of the time.  For example, that information is 
good for when you are sending your troops against goblins or Yetti.  When going 
up against human foes, there are a few extra rules that come in to play.  
Knights receive an attack bonus when facing pikemen.  Pikemen get a bonus 
against Cavalry, Cavalry bonus against Rangers, and rangers bonus against 
Knights.  It's a little ring of attack power, so that each type of unit does 
have something it is exceptionally good at attacking, but another thing that it 
is more likely to be harmed by.  Hopefully that makes more sense now that I've 
explained it a little more.

> hi jeremy. i'm a little confused
> here. u said from your previous email:
> - Cavalry are weaker than even Rangers.  They deal
> about 3 times the damage 
> of a regular soldier, but their speed on the field is much
> faster than 
> anyone else.  If memory serves me, they are nearly
> double the speed of a 
> night so they are more efficient soldiers in that
> regard.  Their specialty 
> is to attack enemy Rangers, and their killing power nearly
> doubles when they 
> face them.
> so, they are weaker than rangers in strength, but they are
> also best used to 
> kill rangers?

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