It is nice knowing that Castaways is now officially out of beta.  I still have 
plans to add more to the game, so hopefully people don't assume I am done 
working on it.  

My next plan is to take Lunimals out of beta, which will involve a few little 
bug fixes that I wrote down but never went back to do.  

Towers of war is also on my list, and it will include several fairly major code 
changes based on things I've learned to do differently since making that first 
audio game of mine.  I've also been told that the updater and high score list 
for that game have stopped working, so I'll convert them over to using the new 
server that castaways runs on.  It should make it stable, and we might even get 
more people playing the game again.

Temporal might not actually come out of beta anytime soon since I was in the 
process off adding the super complicated mission 3 when I set the project 
aside.  The boss at the end of mission 3 proved to be too much for me to code 
at the time, and in working on him I had to change around all of the code which 
handles the time travel.  With that code hanging in limbo, I can't even 
recompile it to remove the beta status without spending loads of time either 
finishing the Mission 3 time traveling code, or changing everything back to how 
it was before Mission 3.  Ugh.

And I've also started on a new game, though I have done very little on it since 
I started adding the new multiplayer content to Castaways.  I can't seem to 
stop myself from playing castaways haha!  I honestly am having a lot of fun 
working together with people online.  That new merchant cart and war tent has 
added a lot more fun to the game.

> Hi yohandi.
> You are right, and certainly I've played a lot of beta
> software in my time.
> however, my point was that there are! people who will "wait
> for the full version" and not try beta software on
> principle.
> It's a shame if people miss out on Aprone's work for such a
> very trivial reason, hence why I mentioned the change.
> Remember, that in making games, as in writing books, making
> films or anything else, sometimes you have to take into
> account what some people think even if it's not your own
> opinion.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark. 

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