Actually I think you're right about the 5%.  I started out with a 10% message 
as well, but it had the same unintended behavior as the new tavern message that 
was suggested.  People actually drop below 10% quite often, but only for a 
moment and then they are quickly fed and sent back out to work.  I was getting 
so many unnecessary messages that I kept lowering its requirement until 5% 
seemed to be pretty good at only showing me people who were actually in any 

Hopefully this, and the explanations of the trouble I'm having with the new 
tavern message, aren't coming across as dismissing people's suggestions.  I'm 
just letting everyone know what I've tried, and why it didn't seem to work as 
planned.  This might give people some ideas on how to change their ideas around 
so that they will work how they wish them to work.

> oh, I didn't put my message it across
> clearly. I mean 1 more warning before the urge of
> starvation. when there is the actual starvation message,
> some1 has already stop work and waiting at the tavern to get
> food and I think the energy is already down to less than
> 5%.
> 锦发/Steady Goh

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