Hi Dark,

Like I said the navigation is decent enough in the G3D Engine. I've
managed to walk around the first level of MOTA with no problems, find
doors, etc. I used the GMA Engine as the basis of my engine in terms
of features so if you can get around in Shades of Doom I think you
should be able to get around in my games. Plus I'll probably go pretty
easy on users as far as the 3d aspect goes since its A, never been
tried before, and B, there isn't any specific need for full 3d in a
castle anyway.

As far as weapons goes there will be several weapons. There will be
your usual vampire hunting kit like a wooden stake, holy water, and
perhaps a silver cross. Then, there will be axes, swords, knives, etc.
I'll probably add a whip into the game just for the CV twist, but I'm
not sure if it will be magical or not. I'd think an enchanted sword,
knife, or dagger would make more sense.


On 9/28/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom, ah, that makes sense, sorry for my mistake.
> Super castlevania I remember, even though it was basically a complete each
> level type of game stil had some interesting terrain even in the early
> outdoor levels, which is why I'd want to see such things in a similar audio
> game.
> That being said, 3D could be awsome, particularly in the matter of weapons.
> Castlevania was pretty tied to the whip as main weapon (don't know where
> wips come into the vampire thing, but there you go), but if you were making
> your own 3D game a lot of weapon possibilities come up, eg, weapons like a
> spear that just hit streight ahead of you but have a long reach, a sword
> that is shorter range but can hit things a litle left or right of center, or
> an axe that is short reach but can hit things quite far round you as you
> swing it, and that's before even thinking about missile weapons.
> I'd certainly not be disappointed with a 3D horror game, provided that the
> nav features were up to the task.
> In the first person games we've had thus far, while the gma engine and
> terraformers do a great job, some others have been less successful, for
> instance technoshock where lack of audio navaides was considdered part of
> the difficulty, but for me just made the game frustrating, and Monkey
> business where the audio navigation is frankly a nightmare, thanks to the
> undistinguished walls and not specific sonar (I've had something in the
> center of the sterrio field, walked towards it and gone past!), actually mb
> is one of the few games I actually regret buying, sinse the game is so
> confusing I can't even get passed the jungle!
> And all that is largely before you add another demention on top! ;D.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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