Hi Dark,

Agreed. As you have mentioned Super Castlevania a couple of times on
list today I think we should discuss that as an example of how good a
side-scroller can get.

As I've mentioned before up around level 7 or 8 things get really
really tough. The torture chamber on level 8 has to be the hardest
dang blasted level I've ever played in history. Just getting through
the level is bad enough, but fighting Frankenstein's Monster is no
cakewalk. People here side-scroller and think Super Liam, Montezuma's
Revenge, or Q9, but those don't compare to Super Castlevania. They
can't hold a candle to the difficulty and challenge in that one game.
That's to say nothing of games like Megaman which are equally
challenging and difficult to play. Michael mentioned Gools and Ghosts
which is so challenging very few have actually completed it. I sure

So if we are talking about 2d vs 3d in terms of challenge that's
rather a mute point. As you said it all has to do with the game
design, the developer, rather than the specific format. Yeah, full 3d
is more mainstream, but it hasn't in anyway replaced the challenge or
replay value of Castlevania, Megaman, Gools and Ghost, and many other
side-scrollers I could name here.


On 9/28/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Scot.
> I'm afraid I rather disagree with your split of motivations believing that
> full 3D fps implies people who want something sompared to a modern game and
> challenging, while 2D implies retro freaks and those who like the past.
> Firstly, in audio thus far other than mota we really haven't seen a true
> side scroller that actually has characters moving vertically. In a lot of
> ways it's just as much untapped potential as full 3D, sinse in comparison to
> many of the highly complex mainstream side scrollers I've played something
> like Q9 would seem extremely limited.
> Like wise, the challenge of a 3D game has to be the game, not it's
> navigation. People claime to want a 3D environment for "challenge" but
> certainly in something like terraformers (which is first person rather than
> 3D), the actual gameplay isn't challenging at all despite the environment it
> is in.
> I'm not saying a 3D game can't provide challenge, certainly many do, but
> there are also rather too simplistic and easy going games in full 3D
> released today (indeed some people say games are getting easier).
> As I said, I'm happy with either style, however I wouldn't want people
> either to assume that what we've seen in audio thus far is the be all and
> end all of side scrollers (we've barely scratched the surface), or that
> anything 3D must automatically be better simply because it is! 3D.
> beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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