Hi Michael,

Smile. One thing i won't be doing is taking a great deal of input on
this game. For one thing it will be free, and second I have a pretty
good idea of the kind of game I want. I was merely seeing which style
or format would be of interest so I know what direction to take the
game in.

However, your advice is well taken. You are of course right. I need to
recharge, and this project is a chance to get back into programming
without the stresses of the public saying they want this, that or the
other thing. Its, for me, a chance to give MOTA a break and work on
something I'd personally enjoy.


On 9/28/11, Michael Feir <michael.f...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Personally, I always wanted to play a sidescroller similar to Ghouls
> and Ghosts. However, before you go handing us choices, consider what
> you've been going through this past long while. Now that you have your
> engine ready for a small test project, why shackle yourself to other
> people's wishes yet again? The artist in you longs to do a project
> free from constraints. What you need a short break from is working to
> everyone else's ideas. Given such a short development time, I presume
> that this project will be offered freely. Given this, I think you
> should follow your own creative impulses here and try to create as
> much a mini-masterpiece as you can. Add in some manageable randomness
> and replay value so that this game serves as a good indicator of what
> people might expect when you really pull out all the stops. Hopefully,
> it'll stick in everyone's mind and increase sales of MOTA and other
> future projects. Once I'm finally done my design document for my own
> masterpiece and have gotten the hang of Inform7, I may follow in your
> footsteps and try to produce a much smaller game which tests out the
> mechanics of the larger work.
> I very much look forward to a halloween gaming treet whether it be
> sidescroller or 3d.  Most of all though, I hope this short stroll off
> the path will give you new drive to complete MOTA. The family ought to
> come first though. Enjoy Halloween with everyone. Don't let this be an
> all-consuming passion that takes you away from the rest of life. You
> need to recharge. Best of luck with this project.

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