Hi Dark,

Hmmmm...Well, part of it is time.  I'm basically going to have a month
to put the basic game together. It is not enough time really to map
the game out room for room and figure out where to put everything.
What I'll be creating right now is a basic game at best. I can always
go back in later and add content, but I hope no one is expecting from
totally nothing to a fully polished game in a month. That is just
basically enough time to get the mechanics working and a handful of
levels to get the game started. That is one reason even though I'll
probably create a 3d game using the engine I'm not going to get too
fansy with it. Just the essentials to start with.

Sure I can have a few bats flying around above you that you have to
aim up and target, perhaps a rat on the ground you will have to look
down to attack, and things like that but as for something like a giant
spider on the wall or on the ceiling, for example, that might take a
bit of extra coding I can ill afford on such a short schedule.
However, could add later on as I said above.


On 9/28/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> sounds fun. for magic vampire slaying weapons, i always liked the idea of a
> spear.
> I have one of the castlevania games on the megadrive and you can play either
> a member of the Belmont family with the usual whip, or a chap called Eric
> who has a magic spear which is a really cool weapon.
> As to 3D, Funnily enough in a castle I would've thought there were more
> possibilities for complex 3D positions, sinse you can have enemies to targit
> on the walls, on ledges around the room, or even on the cieling, ----
> remember that bit from aliens?
> That is sort of the thing I'd like to see in an audio 3D game, a game where
> you actually need to think about what might be above or below you,
> especially when going up stairs.
> Turning the corner of a staircase and finding some huge demonic beasty above
> you could be a really nice moment in the game!
> Beware the gRue!
> Dark.

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