Hi Shaun,

Actually, that is changing. USA Games, Draconis Entertainment, and
Blastbay Studios no longer are developing legacy software and are
developing for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and the soon to
be released Windows 8. As BGT was designed for a modern operating
system anyone who buys it and uses it for game production is
automatically creating games for XP and later. So there isn't a great
deal of legacy support in modern audio game development.

Oh, sure GMA is still developing games in VB 6 as well as Jim Kitchen.
However, neither developer has to spend extra time on legacy support
simply because that's the way VB 6 is. It was designed for Windows
95/98 to begin with. Plus GMA has the GMA Engine, and Jim Kitchen
mentioned copying and pasting code from one project to another to
quickly get a new game started. So legacy support for them isn't a big
deal. Its actually supporting newr ops like Windows 7 and Windows 8
correctly that is their bigger problem.


On 9/29/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well the industry started easy.
> And there is almost no motivation to get things going, we don't have
> teams of people  working on things.
> When we do things the longer they take the bigger the flames.
> Not to mention that gaming development can't be a full life long job.
> And at minimal our games still need to run on someone's pentium
> 100,  a lot of blind people still use old single core systems with
> old systems, I still know people that use cracked coppies of win998
> and lower because they can't afford anything else.
> So if we just didn't do any legacy development past xp and up maybe
> we could concentrate on actual real games but thats our lot, I still
> have  a single core I use on ocation.
> It was a struggle to upgrade everything, i have 2 dulecores and 1 i3
> though only one of the duelcores is mine.
> ANd its really old.

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