Hi Dark,

This is really getting off topic here, but you are correct. There are
a number of ways a game developer could create another tank simulation
like GMA Tank Commander, but make it completely different.

For instance, there is a World War II tank game, I think it is called
Metal of Honor, where you command an M4 taking on Panzor and Tiger
tanks. I've played it and the game is hard. In large part because like
the real World War II tanks they are based on a frontal assault on a
Panzor or Tiger tank is pure suicide. The only way to take them out is
to use your speed to get in behind the enemy position and fire shells
into the rear of the enemy tanks where the armor plating is thin. That
kind of tactical planning etc hasn't been tried yet in an audio game.
Tank Commander is good, but the example above is just one of many ways
a VI game developer could take a tank game idea and make it very


On 9/29/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> I'm not sure that's necessarily true Bryan.
> I agree that judgement day was a great achievement, but certainly now if
> someone started working on another space invaders game I'd be rather
> concerned how unique they could make it, where as if someone started on
> another type of game we have fewer examples of I'd be less concerned.
> Suppose for instance someone decided to make another tank Driving game.
> There is a lot they could stick in, they could for instance make combat a
> litle more strategic than action orientated with angle calculation and
> position as in Scorched earth, they could set it in the future and have
> completely different weapons like lasers and more missiles, or they could
> even make it a one on one battle game in which you needed to blow up the
> enemy tank where you had choices of what tank to play as with each having
> strengths and weaknesses like beat em up characters, ---- as the game Cyber
> sled did.
> Heck, even if they just made the gameplay the same as Gma tank commander,
> they could probably stil! make the game a unique experience by including
> different levels to explore and different enemies in the game.
> Where as a space invaders game, however differently you made the enemies, or
> another traditional game we have many examples of like blackjack or solitare
> would need to have something pretty unique about it in order to stand out.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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