I've just posted version 0.4b.  I would really appreciate it if everyone would 
download it and give it a try.  The sooner people start testing it, the sooner 
I will know if I've successfully fixed the bugs.  I'd like to make the most out 
of my free time today, so if I can get feedback quickly it will give me the 
most time to continue working.

Here are the changes from version 0.3b to 0.4b:
- Your bullets do a bit more damage.  On average I was killing zombies in about 
3 or 4 hits.
- The sounds for shooting walls, shooting zombies, and killing zombies have 
been greatly improved and are much easier to tell apart.
- The gun only holds 20 bullets now, instead of 40.
- When the game begins, you are already facing the door of the shack.  Some 
people were having trouble getting out and asked for this adjustment.
- When a zombie is killed, it used to be replaced by a new one that would crawl 
on to the map from one of the edges.  Now a killed zombie is replaced by 2 new 
zombies!  This means that as you rack up a higher kill count, you are also 
populating the swamp with more zombies.  This will make the game naturally 
increase in difficulty as you play.  It also makes it more dangerous to make a 
lot of noise.  Having 3 zombies hear at once you isn't so bad, but having 15 
hear you could be the last thing you ever do.
- The Z key for shooting, and the F key for toggling the aim, have been 
switched.  You now press Z to toggle aiming, and press F to fire the gun.
- The arrow keys for moving, and the W A S D keys for radar, have been 
switched.  You now use the arrow keys to activate the different radar modes, 
and you use W A S D to move around.  People did not care for the old keyboard 
layout because it was more difficult to utilize mouse aiming while trying to 
operate the arrow keys.
- The Readme file has been updated with these changes as well.

The download link is the same, but here it is for the sake of convenience.

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