Richard, the bullets actually do travel and their range is currently unlimited. 
 If a zombie is far away, the odds of hitting it get very small.  Up close you 
may be up to a few degrees off from center cut you'd still hit it.  If that 
same zombie was moved back a ways, you might have to be within half of a degree 
to still hit it.  That kind of accuracy is very difficult to achieve.  Not 
impossible, but difficult.

> More do come after you if you shoot,
> because they track the sound.
> As for an aiming aid, I can't help but think of Charles
> Rivard's
> archery experience. Actually, that may have been on a
> different list,
> so I hope people know what I'm talking about.
> In my games, there's an exact tone or sound of some sort
> that lets you
> know when you're right on target. How about instead of
> that, there's a
> sound for when you're within so many degrees of the target.
> Maybe even
> two sounds, one for when you're within ten degrees and
> another for in
> five degrees. It is unrealistic, and it'd probably need to
> be decently
> loud soas to make it something you don't leave on all the
> time, but it
> would give you a general idea of how close you were to
> actually
> hitting a target without compromising the wish to make it a
> game based
> on aiming.
> Also, what's the range on the rifle? Do the bullets
> actually travel? I
> ask because I felt pretty confident I'd centered a bad guy
> from a fair
> piece waay and I still didn't hit it.
> finally, a problem I have is that if I die, it doesn't seem
> to reset
> all variables properly. Running sounds like walking, I'm
> facing the
> wrong direction, etc.
> Still, I like this addition.
> Signed:
> Dakotah Rickard

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