Dakotah, it's like you were listening in on the conversation Kai and I had last 
night ROFL!  The med kit for healing others is actually already in the works.  
I'm also quite fond of your M60 idea because it would give the ammo a use in 2 
weapons, which is what I've been trying to do.  When an ammo has a few weapons 
it can go with, it makes it much more versatile.

> Oh my word. I just had a wonderful
> idea.
> Ok, say that the sniper rifle, which fires 7.62 nato is
> used. I was
> thinking, and another gun hit me that uses the same ammo
> and would be
> amazing. The m60 or similar. Yes, there's the m240 saw that
> uses the
> 5.56 and is standard now, but the m60 is still in service.
> Think about
> it. There's the one shot aim aided sniper rifle and the
> m60, which if
> we follow our traditional conventions, will have a doubled
> ammo
> capacity of about 100 rounds. It's a powerful gun that
> makes a lot of
> noise, just like the sniper rifle, and it'd be great for
> mowing down
> zombie hoards.
> Ok, so that fills 8 and 9 on the keyboard, but what about
> beloved 0.
> Well, if we really are trying this hard to make the game
> cooperative,
> what about a gun that heals others with medkits as ammo,
> like a
> hypodermic air surrenge or something. Say if another player
> is within
> just a few coordinates, it autotargets the player and
> delivers a shot.
> It's take a little time to reload, and it'd make use of the
> medkits
> that people sometimes have extra, plus it'd make working in
> groups
> make sense. Perhaps if there're two or more players within
> range, it
> could bring up a quick menu to select which one you target.
> Otherwise,
> it might just not fire unless you were right on target,
> meaning it'd
> have to have an aim aid, which could be coded alongside the
> sniper
> rifle's.
> I'm not trying to run the show, but frankly I think it's a
> great idea.
> The snhiper rifle, of which there are several 7.62 issues,
> the m60,
> and a medkit using air surrenge. Awesome.
> Signed:
> Dakotah Rickard

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