I've really liked the idea of adding some kind of sniper rifle in to the game, 
so odds are it probably will be.  As everyone can probably imagine, the game 
requires development on several fronts so it is difficult for me to spread my 
efforts out evenly, or in the ways people might prefer.

There is a fairly good group of guns right now, so even though I plan to add 
more I am probably going to move my focus more in to multiplayer missions and 
such.  Some people are still really wanting me to develop the single player, 
but like I said, it's a balancing act and I can't work on all parts at the same 

I want to have the safe zone become a place where you can turn in weapons and 
ammo you don't really need, or pick up things that you do.  This would let 
people share to some degree.  Because weapons are being saved now, my eventual 
plan will be to drastically lower the weapon drops, and possibly introduce ways 
they can be broken, lost, or destroyed.  As it stands now, everyone fairly 
quickly gathers each weapon type and is pretty much set from that point 
forward.  Sharing would be totally useless under the current system.

Multiplayer missions will be launched from the safe zone as well.  The 2 types 
of missions I have planned first are going to be rescue and retrieve.  In 
rescue, computer controlled people will be scattered around the map in hiding 
places.  You will locate them, use voice chat to tell them to follow you, and 
then lead them back to the safe zone.  I'm hoping to add in a little bit of 
story to make it more entertaining when you're asked to go find someone to lead 
them to the base.  Retrieval missions will be centered around the idea that 
your town's little makeshift fort needs supplies to keep everyone alive.  
Perhaps a mission will send you looking for gas canisters from the gas station, 
canned goods from aisle 7 of the Kai-Mart, or flashlights from the hardware 
store.  You'll go out to pick up those items, and then transport them back to 
the safe zone to get your next mission.

Once the missions are in place, I am considering a few more AI improvements for 
the zombies.  I'll keep those to myself for now though.

> I'll relay what I was talking about
> last night on the game chat.
> I'd like to see a sniper rifle added, or I suppose the
> hunting rifle
> could be modified, or perhaps there could be a scope that
> you find,
> like the silencer for the pistol, which is an aiming aid as
> discussed.
> If the sniper rifle is used, it would fire probably 7.62
> nato or 50
> caliber or something like that, which nothing else
> currently uses,
> have a one shot capacity, and a fairly long reload time,
> but be quite
> powerful and loud. That's why I think it's better to use a
> sniper
> rifle than a scope accessory, although the other has its
> advantages as
> well.
> Signed:
> Dakotah Rickard

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