Hi Tom.
I wasn't actually thinking about rp characters in terms of specific weaknesses like superman's criptonite, but character flaws that make the characters interesting people to play.

For instance in the weakly mutants and masterminds game we play, my character was based on the idea of who would be the worst person to pickup an iron man type alien battle armour? A slightly dim, concert pianist with good intentions.

he has no idea how his sute actually works (indeed interacting with the sute's ai makes for a large part of the game), he doesn't know super science or indeed magic, sinse it turns out the sute is an ancient egyptian wrelick. yet, these are things I've kept, sinse I don't want to alter him as a character specifically.

he's grown and changed during the campeign, but character wise there are sitl things I'd like to keep the same, just because even though it would be dam useful to have certain skills such as science or magic, it wouldn't be in his character to have them.

That for me is the interesting thing about tabletop rp, using the system dice and rules to make a character who is a distinct person on their own and reacts dynamically to various situations.

interestingly enough i've just come back from a one off, just for fun game where there were no stats and system at all! the gm rolled a couple of dice to determine things like combat actions and initiative, but the game was entirely ad lib.

While not something I'd want for a long period it was great fun to do for a change.

getting back to computer games, it would actually be interesting to have more text walkthrough's around really. There are a couple on audiogams.net but there could deffinately be more, sinse I for one do enjoy reading them even for games I've already finished just to see what other people make of the games.

This is even more true now that we have more complex games like time of conflict and castaways, where text could possibly be a clearer way of explaning tactics and stratogies coherently than trying to explain at the same time in a full on audio walkthrough.

Beware the grue!


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