Games We'd Like to Play.
by Phil Vlasak.
GMA Zoo Commander.
In this exciting Surround Sound game, you are in command of a modern day zoo. It is filled with several animal types, standard ones like horses and pigs, armor-wearing ones like armadillos and turtles, large ones like elephants and tigers, an skin piercing ones like killer bees, and mosquitoes. You must work behind fences, doing as much cleanup and feeding of the animals as possible, completing several missions, and then meeting up with the rest of your zoo crew.

GMA Zoo Commander pits you against a numerically superior force of wild animals. You must move through the game by successfully completing each mission that is radioed to you. You initially start on the southern side of the zoo and you are required to make your way north through six sectors of zoo territory. If you are successful, you and the other zoo crew will be picked up on the northern edge of the zoo by your zoo transport.

You are equipped with a large shovel and a giant size trash bag, for picking up animal dumps. Watch out for those animal trucks in the second mission, they must be stopped and the poop cleaned out too. Once you have all the animal dumps cleaned out, your job is to go back and feed and water all the wild critters.


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