Hi Willem,

Yes, I know all that. I wasn't talking about a third-party installer,
but talking about adding the ability to remove and delete keys from
the game script itself. I haven't checked over the new docs for BGT
1.1 but I'm guessing Philip should have some functions in BGT similar
to RegDeleteKeyEx and RegDeleteValueEx to remove keys from the
registry as needed. If so there could be an option in the game's
settings menu to delete registry keys/values. In other words clean up
after itself before you delete the script. Make sense?

So in a nutshell if the script can clean up for itself its not totally
reliant on a third-party installer to remove registry keys their
script creates. Any programming language or API I've ever used could
both create and delete registry entries it uses. It is merely up to
the developer to add this extra functionality to his/her game script
to clean up after itself if a third-party installer isn't being used.
I'd advise Philip to recommend the use of a feature like that to make
it easier for gamers to insure no registry keys and stray values are
left behind when deleting the BGT script in question.


On 11/21/11, Willem Venter <dwill...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi thomas. Many games are just scripts you run, so there is no
> installer or uninstaller.
> While I'm not sure if there is a limmit on how many keys a game may
> create, not having one is dangerous. Just imagine a program going into
> an infinite loop while writing values to the registry on each
> iteration. This can happen by writing while instead of if.
> It would be totally reliant on the developer to provide an installer
> that knows how to remove every key their bgt script created, where as
> a settings file harms noone even if  it is a few MB. The registry is
> something that needs to be used with lots of care, even though it is
> easy to do.

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