Hi all!

After very careful concideration and a lot of debating with myself back and 
forth, I have finally decided not to accept preorders for the game. For a 
product like BGT it is okay, because the point at which the product can be 
considered finished is a lot more vague. With a game like Perilous Hearts, 
however, I want to spend as much time as is needed in order to make the game 
the very best that it can be, and therefore I don't want to set a deadline even 
if it is far in the future as, while i'll certainly release something by that 
date to honor my contract, I may not release what I wanted personally. So for 
this reason, I have decided not to do it.

However, to thank all of those who gave me support, I have decided to release a 
concept demo of the game to wet your apetite even further. This concept demo 
contains the first two levels of the game, as well as the store. It can be 
found at:


It still uses Microsoft Sapi, but the final production certainly will not. So I 
hope you can live with it for the time being!

For those of you who feel the game is worth it, I would be very happy to accept 
donations for its development. I do not have a special donation page for the 
game, however my other website banterbay.com has such a page which allows you 
to send money to Blastbay Studios. So while the receipt will say BanterBay 
donation, I will know that the donation is for Perilous Hearts rather than 
Banterbay. This page is available at:

The money goes into the same PayPal account as I use when buying resources for 
the game, so you can be sure it goes to the right place.

Let me know what you think of the game, report problems and, above all, have 

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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