Hi Will,

In answer to your first question most if not all mainstream companies
give a specific release date when taking preorders. So when I or
anyone else orders a product we know when the product will begin
shipping, and of course they have the resources to get the product
done on time. They have teams of programmers working on a single
product, usually can add over time, etc in order to insure everything
comes out on a specific release date. A private game developer such as
myself can't necessarily do that because programming games isn't my 9
to 5 job, nor am I getting paid for overtime etc.

That said, its not unreasonable for a blind gamer to place a preorder
and expect a release date of somekind. Its what most companies do, and
its not very fair to the customer to place a preorder and not get any
indication when they can expect a return for their payment. Even if
the release date is six months or a year away they at least know what
to expect before placing an order.


On 11/24/11, william lomas <will.d.lo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> as i said on the forum though at audio games.net
> while i appreciate the demo, remember the first reason you asked for
> pre-orders. you needed to fund the game, and how can you be guaranteed a
> funding source from donations? at least with pre-orders you were guaranteed
> a certain amount. sighted people have to wait when they order a title, and
> so should we why should we as blind gamers expect it out at 1 a.m. on the 10
> of october or something? i respect your decision but now if the project did
> get shelved as no funding to continue it you had a guaranteed funding source
> from the pre-orders with donations on top for good measure so you may have
> as we say here in the UK to use a saying, shot yourself in the foot. NOt
> annoyed delighted to have downloaded demo to try under fusion on the iMac
> but just be careful as the whole point of this pre-order thing was to be
> guaranteed at least say 40 USD from each person so ten of those 400 dollars
> how do you know you'd even get that in donations?

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