So.. I found this game after looking for it for 3 hours on Friday, and my best 
buy lied to me and said they had some in stock when they didn't. I played the 
first time today, and here's the result. For all those who don't know what KOF 
is, here's a basic breakdown. It's a 2d fighter, but the uniqueness of this 
series is that it's 3 on 3. Trick is, it isn't tag team. You pick three 
characters, and the match is played in rounds, elimination style. When your 
first character gets knocked out, the next round is played by your second 
character and so on. So essentially, one match can have up to five rounds 
depending on how even it goes for the players. The sounds in this game are 
classic fighting game style, so not very realistic. The music, on the other 
hand, is awesome. I showed off what stuff I could being a first time player, 
and I wanted to show off the coolest things in the game... the neo max super 
moves, but didn't get the chance... though I think the computer might've pulled 
one off on me. lol. Enjoy!
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