Hi dark,

There's a big difference between my playroom and Thomas' game.

In Thomas' case, in order to make something multiplateform, he has to think completely his project to be multiplatform from start. Being multiplatform in C++ is not an easy task at all: you must pick the right audio engine, the right windowing and input handling system, organize your files in a certain way, don't use proprietary formats or drivers specific to a certain OS, put all these things together correctly, etc.

In my case, my game essentially works on a server, and the server is the same for all clients on all systems. In fact the client is rather stupid: it only shows what the server tells it to show and ask the server for what to do when certain keys are pressed. Compare that to your web browser: it only shows the page the webserver delivered to it, and ask for another page to show whenever you click on a link. The logic behind, i.e. how the websites you are visiting really work, is a matter of the server only. The browser only know that you clicked on a link, it doesn't know that you are ordering something in a online shop. Note: this is a very simplistic view of the real job done by a browser, but you should catch the basic idea.

Consequence of that: the developper has just to make a GUI and follow my protocol to communicate with the server properly. He can use the specific tools and drivers of choice for his system to make the GUI, the audio, the input handling, talk to the network, etc.. The problem is therefore in theory far much easier than thinking from the beginning how you could do so that that particular thing work the same way everywhere without changes. Of course the task remain difficult, but has nothing to do compared to what Thomas had to do.

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