Hi Jim,

Sure. Naturally Jaws 4.02 was written for the versions of the software
you are running. You can't really upgrade anything on that computer
without upgrading Jaws first since all of the newer software requires
a newer screen reader too.

For example, I assume you are running Internet Explorer 6. That's fine
for Jaws 4.02, but anything newer would be absolutely inaccessible
using that version of Jaws. Internet Explorer 9 has a totally new user
interface, new features like multitab browsing, and it uses Microsoft
UI Automation not Microsoft Active Accessibility. So unless you get a
screen reader that can use Microsoft UI Automation most newer
applications like Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft Office 2010, etc
won't work at all with Jaws 4.02. Your cheapest solution would be to
use NVDA or System Access which are cheaper than Jaws.

Then, there is the hardware requirements. I don't know what you are
running, but I imagine its pretty slow. My computer has a duel core 2
GHZ 64-bit processor with 3 GB of ram. A duel core processor runs
faster than a single core so its probably rated in the 3 GB to 4 GB
range. Since I'm running Windows 7 with the new 3d desktop etc I need
that extra processor speed and memory.


On 12/8/11, Jim Kitchen <j...@kitchensinc.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> BTW my computers are just about as old as Jaws 4.02.  I have never up dated
> any of the software so that it all runs the same as it did out of the box.
> You know like if I up dated I E for instance, I bet that it would not work
> so well with Jaws 4.02.
> I am just very happy that both of these computers work so well for how old
> they are.
>      Jim

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