To remind you, I am a committer on Avalon and Commons with intersts in 
anything that uses avalon-phoenix.   Many months ago, I placed a long 
worked on project called Jesktop inside jakarta-avalon-cornerstone's CVS 
as a "demo" application for Avalon-Phoenix.  I then did quite a bit more 
work on it.   I think it may have been a bit of a mistake. Despite 
continued interest in Jesktop ( I get a private email once a week asking 
"how do I download it"), it is essentially stagnating there as I am 
sidetracked with Enterprise Object Broker and AltRMI (and would be with 
AvalonDB if I had time).


I'm proposing moving it off jakarta CVS and onto sourceforge, where 
committers can be added at will without the faux-pas of access to 
Avalon's huge codebase.  The reason I am asking here is that it is 
taking code away from Apache.  It will still be Apache licensed and 
could well *come back one day* (when community is proven and assuming it 
is not still alien in principle).

The BSD licensed API is already at sourceforge:
The multiple non-Apache licensed ported applications are already at 
sourceforge:  (pictures speak 1000 


- Paul H

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