Ted Husted wrote:
> On 5/21/07, Martin van den Bemt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> It's pretty simple to solve this though (even though repeating myself
>> here) : Let (a
>> flattened) commons become Jakarta..
> Then why the concern about the use of Apache Jakarta Commons as a
> project name?
> When the time comes, we could just point <jakarta.apache.org> at
> <commons.apache.org/jakarta>.

I am highly opposed to that because of the following reasons :

- If commons wants to be Jakarta they just should work *here* to achieve that.
- If commons is leaving to come back, they are just ignoring the other projects 
that are still here.
- It is solving the problem the wrong way
- The biggest (developer) community is in commons. We need them to still care 
and think about the
rest of Jakarta.

It's just like leaving your parent's home to live on your own to run away from 
your siblings and
then try to move back in when the siblings left the parental home. Big chance 
your parents will not
let you do that.

Going to bed now..


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